Monday, June 21, 2010

What r some good nail polish colors for summer?

Neons were definitely ';in'; last summer, and some of the fashion laggers noticed and are starting to use it now. Colors such as those in the seasonal summer section of Essie Cosmetics ( are absolutely great for summer. Right now, I'm using O.P.I. Coney Island Cotton Candy, love it, and have gotten tons of compliments - even from a saleslady at Bergdorf Goodman. Lighter, warm toned and more natural colors will serve you best for the summer.What r some good nail polish colors for summer?
Neon orange and neon yellow are totally in this season. basically anything that is flourescent is totally in this summer :DWhat r some good nail polish colors for summer?
i personally like the french tips, go funky and put ice creams, suns, and flowers on the index finger. its totally cute. but that's just my opinion. :)
Blue and green are totally hot wearing.

Btw if your looking for a cute new hairstyle to tryout go here this tutorial is awesome. Rate high if you can!! ;D鈥?/a>
i really like white

if you cover it in clear then it goes shiny and looks reallly nicee :)
all the neons are in
oranges and pinks
Pink, Green and Yellow
well my fav is hot pink n blue ^^

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