Monday, June 21, 2010

Fast way of drying nail polish?

man, today is just not my day. ive been trying to apply this nail polish since yesterday night and its the sweetest shade of baby pink. its so light that it needs about three coats. i wait hours before i apply the new coat but it still wont dry fast enough!Fast way of drying nail polish?
stick your hands in the freezer for 2 minutes.

in nail salons, they don't wait for each coat to dry before applying a new one.Fast way of drying nail polish?
Youre talking hours? Whoaa

Heres what I do, after i finished putting one coat, i rinse it with cold water from the sink and blow on it for 2 seconds, then it drys. So i can put another coat.

But if that doesnt work in your case then dry buying the same shade somewhere else with a well known and trusted brand.

Good luck
They have spray you can buy at the local drugstore. It dries it fairly quickly. Sometimes I use that and use the hairdryer on cool if I am in a hurry.
put it towards the fan
After 30 seconds of it have been applied, apply a clear coat, that usually helps them dry way faster!

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Fill a basin with cold water and then just dunk your nails in. Hold them in there for about 10-20 seconds and they should come out dry =)
id use a fan or use some spray stuff
What i find helpful is to do stuff like watch tv which doesn't really involve using your hands (except for changing the channel) and your nails will be dry before you know it! I think that it is just the brand of nail polish. I have painted my nails in really cute colors and they dry in about two minutes, and don't cost any more than any other nail polish.
is that polish new??? if not, or it's been sitting in a hot car -- it's probably gotten too gooeyy. if that's the case, thin it out with some 'acetone' remover. then go at it. NOW, this sounds gross . . .maybe, but i SWEAR it works. after giving it a little time to dry (a few minutes), lick it! as your lick dries, so will the polish. ALSO, if it's still wet and you nick it, lick it smooth!! seriously, your tongue, for some reason, doesn't mess it up, but smooths it out nicely! it has a very little chemical taste at first, but the second time, nothing. i lick mine and hold them out the windo. they dry better in cold weather out the moon roof . . . lol. hope my top secret trick works for you!
Try putting your hands near a fan not to close but enough to blow air on them to dry the polish

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