Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What color nail polish goes good with a black dress?

what color nail polish goes good with a black dress?What color nail polish goes good with a black dress?
french, red, blue, yellow.....basically any kind but if you want to go classy try a clear polish. it looks clean and sophisticatedWhat color nail polish goes good with a black dress?
red if you want attention, pale pink if you don't.
Red, black, or hot pink to look good. Yellow, blue, green, or any bright color to have fun and be different/crazy. White is cool too.
silver, or a dark blue.
Dark Red It Depends How Black The Dress Is.
Something that compliments your skin tone.
Lavendar and even deeper purples are really in right now. I see a lot of that in magazines, but red or pink are good standbys too. Go metallic- I think a metallic polish is much prettier than plain.
As a man, the biggest turnon with a woman wearing a black dress are bright red nails.
I think french or red look the best.
Red would be good, it would add a splash of color to your black dress. Red is always a sexy color anyways, you can't go wrong with it.
I wear pink with black in the summer~~
Like all the girls before me, Red goes good with black. But not everyone looks good with red nail polish. And sometimes it can look trashy or slutty. I would go for a neutral pink. Cover girl makes one called Continuous Color 3 in 1 in a shade called Preppy Pink (I'm not a very preppy person, but...) its in nice shade that looks very sophisticated on everyone. Your other option is a french manicure, you can NEVER go wrong with a french manicure, but you want to get it professionally done because it can look really messy if you try to do it yourself.

Good luck!
any dark polish depending on the colors of the other clothing your wearing or have a french manicure with the dark polish.
Absoulutely anything goes with black .I like a french manicure because theres something special about it to me and you can never go wrong with it . But if you want to stand out pick a stricking colour like red . The little black dress + red nail polish + red lipstink + mascara + a touch of blusher = A totally timeless and sexy look .
staying natural is the most appealing... just clean and well tailored.
Red cause it's my favourite color!
1. Black to match

2. Silver White to get noticed.
I love a dark red. I personally use OPI's Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ.
any thing goes with black but i would go with red
RED!!!! besides it's my favorite color........go wit red

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