Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What makeup and nail polish should i wear with this? pic?

for school...

this dress...;category%5Fname=dress%5Fcasual%26amp;product%5Fid=2057332383%26amp;Page=2

with a black t-shirt, black tights that end at the calve with lace at the end, and black converse one stars.

thanks!What makeup and nail polish should i wear with this? pic?
thats such a cute dress!!!! do a black and grey smokey eye shadow looks and do a black liquid liner on the top with a cat-eye look. then for nailpolich do black tips, or if you don't have longish nails then do all black. :] cute outfit tho!!;)What makeup and nail polish should i wear with this? pic?
if you're going to wear a black and blue dress you should either wear blue or black nail polish, and black eyeliner with blue eye shadow on your lids. Or it all dependes on what you're wearing the dress for, if you're wearing it for something special then wear more makeup but if you're just wearing the dress because you feel like wearing it then don't wear to much makeup.
This is what I would wear, You should wear a shimmery goldish brown nuetral color for your eyeshadow. I think that you should also make a darker color at the end of your eyelid, then use some liquid eyeliner and make a wing at the end (;

goodluckkk honey,

btw I have that top.
Just wear lots of eyeliner and paint ur nails blue, same shade as dress, and the converses would look so cute with that dress. i have red converses high tops and i just love them. have fun for school.!
first of all LOVEEE the dress. andd some blue eyeshadow would look sweet and black nail polish im alittle obsessed with black nail polish though :P
wear electric blue eyeshadow, eyeliner, and nail polish. Just use a light lip gloss for lips..=]

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