Monday, June 21, 2010

Plantar warts and nail polish remover?

Every summer is when I start doing my nails again. I bought a new kind of nail polish remover, ';Sally Hansens Extra strength';. I've had plantars warts on my hands for the last 2 years, and on my feet for 3. Ever since switching to this new nailpolish remover they have been drastically shrinking in size, and some are even 100% gone! Seeing that this was working, I've been using a q-tip to dab it on the few warts that are left to get them gone-asap.. I hate these guys!

I am just wondering if I am harming my body more than doing good to it?? I probably only have another week or two left of applying it.. is it safe enough?Plantar warts and nail polish remover?
No, you are not harming your body but be sure to keep the nail polish remover on the wart itself as it will dry out the surrounding skin. Nail polish and nail polish remover are home remedies that have been used with success on some people. Glad it is working for you!Plantar warts and nail polish remover?
That is a excellent old home remedy.........

I don't think you would be harming your body . you put it on your nails and it is absorbed a little tha t way.......

if it works for you great. planters warts are a pain to deal with at best. I am glad you found some relief.

To be on safe side if it was me.

I would drink extra water. take my vitamins and work on building my immune sytem up. Your body will think you for it.

That is just good health sense. Smart gurl realizing that your skin is a living organ and what we put on our skin is absorbed in our body.
no, you aren't harming your body. you are depriving the warts of air. another method of getting rid of those warts once and for all is duck tape. if what you are doing is working, keep doing it. the other routes are cryotherapy (getting them frozen off) or having them actually cut out of your body.

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