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Wearing black nail polish looks cool or does it gives a wrong impression to people especially guys?

many people especilly guys have given me so weird looks that i have a friends tell me that it looks cool.Wearing black nail polish looks cool or does it gives a wrong impression to people especially guys?
Darling, it depends on the overall look, not only the nail polish. If you dress all black you'll probably look Gothic. But if you're sexy and have a good personality, it could be attractive and intriguing.

Anyhow, it's your taste, and shouldn't matter to anyone but you.


GizehWearing black nail polish looks cool or does it gives a wrong impression to people especially guys?
Looks gothic.
I prefer french manicure.
Personally i like black fingernail Polish. I dont see nothin wrong with it. Some may look at u as weird or a Gothic person, but if worn with the right clothes it looks great. Keep wearin it if u like it, fu** everyone else.
I say if you like to wear it, do so.

I used to think it was a faux pas -- then came NCIS with that little lab woman Abbey (Pauley Paulette) and now my whole orientation to things goth has been changed.

You have to go with what you feel on the matter if they're your fingernails !
Black nail polish is a trend right now. I think it's cute. If you like it wear it, and don't worry what anyone else thinks. They obviously do not understand fashion trends.
Maybe you should get new friends, it looks nasty.
Cool only in some circles.(Goth, Heroin sheik ).To most it looks trashy and depressing.Unless you're in a band or something I'd say no. An added note Re: those who say ';Who cares what others think'; Is'nt the idea for it to look good to those others?
Black nail polish is a haneous color, to say the least. If you are wearing because your friends say it's cool, then obviously you need a little help in the fashion department. Unless you are going to an everlasting Halloween party and you're dressed like Vampira, then black is defintely NOT fine.

Most people will see you as a degenerate and someone who is just trying to be a ';Goth'; wannabee. I know that sounds harsh, but it's true. Try wearing another dark color like dark blue, dark green, brown, etc as an alternative.

You're young, so experiment a little! When you get into your 30's, you can't do that anymore! Have fun and I hope I helped! :)
society --- men and women both --- tend to look down their nose at anything out of the ';norm';. If you are doing it because YOU like it, then do it. If you are doing it to be cool and with the in crowd, then don't. I say, be yourself. Personally, I don't care for the look at all.
black nail polish is hot!
Its up to you what you want to wear. I like it though.
What impression do you want to give? Friends are not always the best ones to depend on for fashion advice. look to current publications to see what is the current trend in mainstream fashion.

I can usually tell some ones age by 2 major things.. Their ';slang'; %26amp; if they are are dressing %26amp; using cosmetics in a extreme way. Both make them seem young.
It looks good on certain people
It looks very shity, not cool at all.

Try light brown.
Your friends lied to you. I dont know if you care how people in New York City views this kind of style but we usually think it is someone who is whether gothic or into punk rock and that whole heavy metal stuff. Not attractive basically.

BTW thats how you know your friends are full of **** when they give you false compliments just because they afraid to tell you the truth. See you even noticed strangers weird looks. Thats gotto tell you something.
I was in fashion last season if that worries your or not...I don't wear it as it's too goth for my style. So to guys it's kinda dark I think.
i don't know
I think the sheer fact that you question it is your answer. You need to consider ';why'; you wear it.

I personally think it looks goth - and I don't like goth. I also personally think it looks dirty and slutty. It makes most people past the age of 17 think ';death'; - which is a real turnoff. I agree, it gives the wrong impression - especially to guys. But there again, that's my personal opinion.

Having said that, I agree with the person who suggested that black polish really doesn't look good with most skin tones and possibly you should try another ';dark'; color if it's simply the dark polish that you like.
It is bland and boring.
ive seen it in fashion. be yourself.
it looks like a terrible waste of your sharpie.
You know what? It doesn't matter what people think! I mean, you're just making a fashion statement. Everyone has their own fashion taste, and black nail polish is yours. So people look at you weird, so what? Who are they to judge?
I think it's cool but it depends on the person.

For example barbie-like girls wearing black nail polish look really stupid.
Personally it gives me the impression that the person who wear the black nail polish isn't very friendly with manicure
I was just reading in cosmo that darker nail polishes on short nails are coming back in style. Unfortunately it's always going to be seen as ';goth'; which so many people think is freaky. I say wear it anyways and f*ck the people giving you weird looks.
I am 30 and love black nail polish. Who cares what other people think.. it's just nail polish
For ';fun';, it looks cool, but as a fashion statement it gives the air of gloom, death and mourning.

People originally wore black nail polish as a sign that they wished they were dead or related to the dead.
I think it looks gross.
It gives the wrong immpression...Best wishes
It says ';I am into the Goth scene and your plainly American boy dress/attitude is not for me'; Unless you want to subliminally say this, do not wear black nail polish. Otherwise, crank up the Cure and say hello to your new boyfriend with the lip rings.

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