Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Do you like how clear nail polish looks?

i love clear, shiny nail polish cos i dont think anything else suits me but i still like some other onesDo you like how clear nail polish looks?
Yeah, I have some on right now actually :)

It makes your nails shiny and glossy, and is really unnoticable if some of it chips :)Do you like how clear nail polish looks?
Yes It's great if you want to make your nails look nice, but subtle. I would suggest using whenever you want, whether it be a formal or informal occasion.
Nice, natural, shinyy :)
In some occasions yes, but most of the time I prefer color. Clear polish often looks a little fresher though.
a clear polish makes nails look healthy so i like wearing it. :)

natural, nice and clean, and shiny
When my nails are shaped and clean, then it looks great.
i like it it looks shiny now can u help me answer my question if you know it
over something.

not just plain. it looks nice with french tips
yah it makes your nails look all shiny

its kinda boring
looks like a foggy color
yes if your nails aren't dirty
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