Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Does finger nail polish remover help heal poison ivy?

I heard through some friends that poison ivy can be treated using finger nail polish remover and am curious if it relally works. after the burning sensation goes away it doesn't itch for a good while.Does finger nail polish remover help heal poison ivy?
No i dont think soDoes finger nail polish remover help heal poison ivy?
Not sure but I do know that clear nail polish takes the itch out of mosquito bite for me. If the poison ivy has really spread I don't think this is the best remedy.
it mat burn because you been scatching and don't do it try calimi lotion ease the pain
NO! Do you realize that acetone is considered an environmental toxin?

Poisin Ivy is an irritating oil. get the oil off your skin as soon as possible without spreading it to other parts of your body. Good old soap and water ASAP very very thoroughly (you can't see the oil like you could if it were dark grease from a bike chain, but the oil from poisin ivy is just as tenacious).

Calamine or ivy-dri is supposed to help, but I never got it so badly that it didn't clear up in a week. I have been working elbow deep in the darned stuff (cutting up a tree for work) and cleaned up immediately and it wasn't too bad.

Prevention is best though!
i think its just the alcohol part.

because alcohol dries it up and makes it go away better.
I don't know if that work, but I remember my mother, sister, and Grandfather used Bleach to help. This will as burn a little.

Hope that helps
You really should refrain from putting too much stuff on your rash. Acetone fingernail polish remover probably isn't the best idea. If it hurts or itches you could put some hydrocortisone cream or calamine, but it would be better to take some Benadryl. The less you put on the rash the quicker it will heal!
I dont think so, although, when I got a bug bite that itches really bad I would use clear polish to cut off the air circulation and help w/ the itch. It would go away faster. I never used it for poisen ivy though, thats more of a rash. Use calamine lotion or oatmeal to put over it. If that doesnt help go to the doctor and get a shot in your hiney.
OUCH....whatever you do dont put nailpolish remover on your poison ivy....the only thing that i could think of that might be what your talking about is using clear fingernail polish .....which i dont reccomend that might keep it from spreading but the best bet would be to go to the doctor and get steroids to treat it.
The last time I got into poison ivy I used clorox bleach. The absolute best thing to do is to go to your doctor.
I don't know try it If I ever get posin ivy I might try it
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