Monday, June 21, 2010

What color nail polish should i wear?

i have fair skin. my nails are not long. i have long fingersWhat color nail polish should i wear?
it all depends on what you're most comfortable with... I find that some people are more suited for light coloured nail, like pink, polish and other people should wear dark, like dark purple or black. Try out some different colours and see what you feel more comfortable in.

I think red looks good on anyone though!What color nail polish should i wear?
well it all depends on ur emotinal life if you want to do colors you feel like so here are some

black: gothic,emo,sad

purple:sad,and happy

red: angry

yellow: excited

blue: sort of sad

green:all of the about or sparkles is all the above too..

I hoped this helped also u can do colors in between and give them a new name
you can never go wrong with the color ORANGE! haha actually im sorry but i know absolutely nothing about make-up/nail polish..sorry
Black. It's sporty and goes with everything. Make sure you put a coat of clear on under the black or your nails will turn yellow.
Wear a neon color . Like lime green or hot pink even better idea paint them lime green and put hot pink dots on them useing a pen or pencil.

Vote me as best!!

Maybe a nice bright purple color or a nice pink?

If you are darker type, maybe a coffee? I wear coffee coloured nail polish and it makes my hands look really cute
maybe dark blue

dark purple

light pink

most reds

french manicure, which is clear with white



dark orange

go with a girly pink. it looks cute on short nails and will go good with your skin tone!
The color that matches your clothes for that day.
Orange and black, or orange, or black
i like red nail polish, deep purple.

i have fair skin too and that's what looks best on me
dark! try a dark purple from OPI's french collection.
lets see red or lime green.
go with a color that will stand out, without being too much, like blue
i would go for a bright sleek color

HOt pink

dark blue
umm...maybe pink or red. purple...? depends what u wear

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