Monday, June 21, 2010

Do you love red nail polish?

I love it. Looks nice on my nails, lol.Do you love red nail polish?
Red nail polish is the best! I love it! It's just hard to put on, if you mess up it stains worse than any other color lolDo you love red nail polish?
i like red nail polish bt it looks to harsh with my skin complection so i wear a dark red like a maroon to black color


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yeah i love red nail polish. according to scientists or something or other, the color red attracts men? dont ask me why. although i love plum colored nail polish, its hot
Honestly, sometimes I splurge with red nail polish, but the kinds I have are hard to get off! And only go well with the tan me, :), haha... so usually I stick with a pinky orange color! :)
yes its my favorite

color of nail polish because it

looks good with everything you

wear and on everyone
I like the really really dark, maroonish color.

Not bright red.

I love red nail polish.

Reminds me of sex appeal and passion.

Wearing it right now.

: )
yes ..very femine...
Yes, it looks nice %26amp; classy.
Not bright, bright red.

But its classy
yes i do. its very classy
omg! like totally im wearing it on my fingernails right now!!
i LOVE it!
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