Monday, June 21, 2010

How to remove black nail polish?

It will not come off with nail polish remover, tooth paste and water.

Right now im trying lemon juice...

Any one have any tips on how to get it off?How to remove black nail polish?
nail polish is the only way, is your nail polish remover old? cuz it should work. none of that other stuff like the lemon juice will work lol.

get some new nail polish remover and try.How to remove black nail polish?
Any plain old nail polish remover should do the trick.

What I think is the real problem is the brand of black nail polish that you use.

I'm an avid ';black'; nail polish wearer myself, and here are a few tricks of the trade that I've learned over time:

- Don't be a penny pincher when in it comes to nail polish, prices really do set the bar for the quality of polish that you're getting. The pricier ones do last longer and are prone not to chip off, not to mention, the chemicals that they use leave your nails looking healthy.

- ALWAYS add a base coat to your polish, no matter what color. A clear base coat reduces the risk of color attaching itself to your nails, which I think may have been your problem.

- The first coat after your base should be minimal as possible. Then really lay on the second coat. Anymore than that, and you're asking for a chip to happen.

If none of the suggestions help, than you might want to consider investing in industrial strength ammonia, to remove the polish in the future.
A nail polish remover will take it off. It just takes a lot more work than a lighter color would. I don't know what else to tell you. I've never thought a tooth paste or lemon juice would take off nail polish; they are not as acidy as a nail polish remover. Acetone is meant to take off nail polish. I wear black nail polish periodically and I have taken it off several times. It turns to a darkish purple when you lightly scrub the black nail polish with the remover. Just keep at it, it'll come off.
This is about to sound weird, but you have to dissolve laundry detergent in a cup of hot water. Dip a cloth in the hot water. Put the cloth onto your nails and rub hard. Repeat three times. This should remove the nail polish. If it doesn't work, repeat. Make sure the water is hot. This is what you have to do when you have a hard time removing shoe polish, but it removes nail polish too.
I know! My cousin told me that black nail polish was in so I put so much on- no matter how much nail polish remover I applied it refused to come out! But usually black nail polish comes out- dont put too much on at once or use a cheap, bad brand!

use vinegar? it helps- i def know that: experience: it amkes your hands stink for quite a while though!

If you want it done, go to a manicurist at Walmart for like 5 bucks!

or if you want to get it done faster, try using the lemon trick :)

make sure your nail polish remover has an ingredient acetone if not it won't remove a lot of nail polishes. you could try rubbing alcohol or could scratch it off and if you can bring your self to pay 3.50 a gallon to buy it gasoline will clean up anything but be sure to wash your hands really good after.
Look in your bathroom cabinet for a bottle of alcohol. It should work to take it off. Also, use a paper towel and really scrub at the nail polish. You could try a nail file and and it off if you have to.

Good luck! =]
Black nail polish should just come off with nail polish remover. If it can't then seriously consider not using that nail polish again.
It shouldn't be that hard to get it off. But once you get most of it off make sure to try and get around the edges. Otherwise it looks like u have dirt in there.
Well, I use hydrochloric acid to get mine off when it won't work..but I'm not going to tell you how to do's dangerous :P

McCally has the right idea, buff it off with a nail file.
nail polish remover works for me dont use the stuff u have to put on kleenex the other stuff :P:P
just take band aids soak the white parts in remover put 1 over each nail an wait. it will get it soggy till it comes off.
Nail polish remover.

Or soak your nails in water, and chip

it off the old fashion way.
nail polish remover
any kind of nail polish remover
Scrub with rubbing alchohol or vinigar
try to use nail polish only put it on a paper towel and then wipe your nail off usually works for me
nail polish remover always works

soak them in it
Use a nail file and buff it off. I've had to do it with blue polish
lots of nail polish remover, and take a pad, and really scrub it off!
Try to chip it off.
I pick mine off while im in class....
with tipex mybe? lol
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